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ipc-bench: A UNIX inter-process communication benchmark

Running ipc-bench

You can very easily run ipc-bench on your own machines, and we encourage you to do so and submit the results for inclusion in our open database (see below)!

ipc-bench has only four depencencies:

  1. a 64-bit machine and OS,
  2. a compatible OS (currently: Linux 2.6.30+, OpenBSD, Mac OS X; others may work),
  3. Python 2.5+,
  4. the NUMA headers (libnuma1 and libnuma-dev packages on Debian/Ubuntu).

Once you have made sure that the dependencies are in place, simply clone our git repository and run ipc-bench:

git clone http://github.com/ms705/ipc-bench.git cd ipc-bench
$ python run.py

Public results dataset

Since we have found IPC performance to be a complex, multi-variate problem, and because we believe that having an open corpus of performance data will be useful to guide the development of hypervisors, kernels and programming frameworks, we provide a database of aggregated ipc-bench datasets. We generated some of these datasets ourselves over the course of our research, while others were contributed by the community.

» Results database

Please support this community-driven public database by running ipc-bench on your own machines and contributing the results!